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4 Benefits To Building a Two Storey Home

When choosing your new house design one of the first big decisions that need to be made is the choice between a single of double storey design. It’s important to consider your own personal needs and lifestyle, but the block size and location will be big factors as to whether you decide to go for a one or two storey home.

Examine what you and your family require now and in the future, or if you are building an investment property think about the most appealing options for your prospective tenants. Here we have laid out 4 key benefits to building a two storey home.

More options for a small block

If for whatever reason you need to be close to the city, then in order to keep it affordable chances are you will be dealing with a smaller block size compared to outer suburbs or regional areas. This means that effective use of space is essential, and one of the best ways to do this is to build up.

By stacking your space instead of spreading out you can maintain good sized living areas and bedrooms, plus there’s still room for the all-important double garage. It also leaves room in the backyard for a garden or even a swimming pool, which probably wouldn’t be possible with a single storey home on the same size block.

If you have kids (or pets) a backyard may be an important consideration, or if you enjoy entertaining, then an alfresco dining area may be a priority. Double storey homes are also a good option for narrow or sloping land plots that are tricky to fit a well-designed one level house. By spending less on the land plot it can make the overall cost more comparable to a single story home with the same number of bedrooms, debunking the old myth that two storey homes are much more expensive.

Separate living areas

With the living areas and bedrooms over two floors it’s easy to create distinct areas and separation between zones. Considering having the guest or master bedroom and ensuite downstairs, and the other bedrooms upstairs, so that they have their own retreat apart from the rest of the house.

The kids can be watching TV in the lounge downstairs while you work uninterrupted in the upstairs office, or enjoy dinner with friends while your house mate sleeps peacefully upstairs. If you have teenagers a popular design option is having the living and master bedroom upstairs, with a ‘retreat’ for them downstairs.

Splitting the house gives you lots of different options to create areas for both relaxing or socialising, and by carefully considering your lifestyle and requirements it’s possible to make a two storey design perfect for you. Optimise the liveability of the property so that it’s a place that you enjoy coming home to.

Enjoy the outlook

Building higher gives you greater opportunity to maximise any views that the property may have. It can also improve the natural light available, by rising out of the shadows. People are increasingly choosing to have their living areas on the upper storey in order to make the most of the improved light and aspect that being higher up provides.

Double storey homes often have a more impressive appearance, giving you better street appeal. It’s worth considering the style of homes around you – it wouldn’t be ideal to be the only single storey home surrounded by two storey properties, so whether your house design works well with the rest of the street should be a consideration.

Good investment

While it does depend on a few different factors, two storey homes are often a better investment and deliver better returns. In cities where space is at a premium the push for higher density living favours two storey houses over sprawling one storey blocks. Most people like the idea of separate living areas, whether that’s to divide kids and adults or otherwise, and this favours two storey properties.

There are several things to factor in when deciding whether to build a single or double storey home but key things to consider are the size and shape of the block, and your lifestyle requirements and preferences. Residential Building WA are the experts in building beautiful and functional two storey homes, contact us today to discuss your next project.
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31 May 2016