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Demo and Build

A block of land is only as good as the house that sits on top of it. So if you have land that you want to hold onto, but aren’t satisfied with the house on top, why not simply knock it down and start again?

At New Level Homes, we can help you knock down your existing home and build a brand new two storey home in its place. So if your home is old, outdated and can’t keep up with your changing circumstances, then maybe it’s time to consider a demo and build.

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Why you should choose a demo and build

Do you love where you live, but not what you live in? Is the thought of renovating and the costs it would involve making your head spin? Then demo and build is the perfect solution for you on so many levels.

As Perth property prices continue to rise, many WA homeowners are choosing to demolish their old home and build a new one that suits their block and budget. Some of the main reasons why you might choose to knock down and rebuild with Perth’s best value two storey home builder, New Level Homes, are:

  • Stay right where you are: Building a new home doesn’t mean you have to change suburbs. So if you love where you currently live, there is no reason to leave.
  • Get exactly what you want: Select from over 100 two storey home designs affordably priced, or we can design a custom two storey home just for you.
  • Save: Save money by not having to pay stamp duty and sales commission fees.
  • Finance options: Tailor made financial packages from Australia’s leading financial institutions.
  • Guaranteed timeframe: As one of WA’s largest home builder, we can make sure you get into your new home within a suitable time frame.

The benefits of a demo and build

Wouldn’t it be great to stay exactly where you are in a brand new two storey home that’s designed to meet all the needs of you and your family? Knocking down and rebuilding gives you all the benefits of a brand new home just the way you want it, right where you want it. With a demolish and build you can:

  • Move into your dream home without literally moving
  • Continue living in the location you love
  • Keep your children at their current schools
  • Stay close to your neighbours and friends as well as local shops, services and amenities
  • Enjoy a brand new home more suited to you and your family’s lifestyle in the long run
  • Have the freedom to choose the perfect design for your needs, rather than settling for next best
  • Look forward to less maintenance
  • Enjoy a more cost effective option than a complicated and lengthy renovation on an older home
  • Keep the equity of your land and avoid hefty stamp duty and selling costs
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home with a 6-star or more energy rating
  • Increase the value of your property when you’re ready to sell

Our Process

As part of Residential Building WA, one of WA’s largest home construction group, New Level Homes know the local market inside and out. Working with fellow Residential Building WA brand Demo and Build, we can guide you through the entire process – we can even help with accommodation during the rebuild!

With our reputation for innovative new two storey home design, we’ll guide you through the entire process and keep things super simple. Our expert team has extensive experience with demolish and rebuild projects here in Perth and will help you with both the general and technical aspects of the new home build journey.

New Level’s 4 step process:

Feasibility & Design:
We’ll review your site and outline the likely costs. Our experienced designers will then work with you to custom design your home or help you choose from 60 designs all under $350k.

We work to fixed-price building contracts so you get no nasty surprises at the end.

We’ll liaise with your local council to ensure your two storey design meets all necessary planning requirements and approvals.

Demo & Build:
We keep you informed of progress every step of the way from the demolition to the construction to the handover.

But what about finance? Our relationships with some of Perth’s leading home loan brokers gives you the opportunity to access the best products on the market. With our wide network of trusted brokers we can help tailor a finance package that best suits your circumstances whether it’s a low deposit or an investment loan.

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