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Narrow Lot 2 Storey Homes Perth

Living Your Best Life, On a Narrow Lot Block

Choosing a smaller block in your ideal suburb can be a savvy decision for your wallet, especially when you select a Narrow Lot 2 Storey home design from New Level Homes. Live where you love and love the way you live. Uprise, don’t compromise.

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Narrow lot double storey home designs perth

The Mortiz

The Southaven Award Winning New Level

The Southaven Sleek

Modern double storey narrow lot home designs perth building

The Kirby

Narrow Lot Home Designs Perth

The Halberg Skillion

New Level Homes perth builder double storey modern home designs

The Chanel Sleek

New Level Homes perth 2 storey builder

The Marc Sleek

Narrow Lot designs perth home builder

The Booker

Modern Narrow Lot Design

The Reuben

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