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The days of first home buyers having to buy a small, established home in a less than desirable location are gone.

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In the past, building your first home, let alone building a two storey home, was much further out of reach.

With builders like New Level Homes innovating both designs and building process, we are seeing more Western Australians choosing to build their very own homes rather than buying established.

Building has become more affordable

Over the past decade new innovative techniques and technology advancements have provided a solution to building two storey homes for significantly less than traditional construction. With this has come more opportunities for home builders to provide quality yet affordable home designs.

Using a double brick lower floor and an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) lightweight upper floor construction, the home can be built faster without any compromise on quality or style. Moreover this means first home buyers will actually spend far less on rent when building with New Level Homes. With a typical home from us being built faster than traditional methods, you can be packed and moved in, rather than paying excess rent waiting for completion.

Greater investment

One of the biggest considerations first home buyers should make when building their first home is whether it will be a good investment. You’re putting a lot of money into buying your first piece of land and building your first home, so it is important to determine you will be breaking even and creating a good future investment.

While this does depend on a few small factors, two storey homes generally deliver a better return on investment ‘ROI’ than single storey homes. Due to a more appealing street presence and the ability to separate living areas, a two storey home by New Level Homes will be more likely to sell at a higher price. Furthermore, with 60+ affordable double storey designs, there really are a lot of options on offer to suit many prospective first home buyers.

Build the home you want

First home buyers who are looking to build a two storey home have the ability to purchase cheaper land in more populated areas. In Perth, the demand to live close to the CBD is growing and choosing to build a two storey home gives you the opportunity to purchase a smaller block, closer to the city at a more affordable price. 

By choosing to build up instead of out means you will save on the purchase of land while still keeping the space you need. Then our affordable designs will allow you to get more out of your land and have the space you need for a growing family, while still keeping the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Get started with New Level Homes

We offer a range of two storey designs a wide range of family sizes, along with an affordable price tag. With New Level Homes you can now build your brand new two storey home and forget about the hassle of moving for many years to come. We know that building your first home can be a thrilling yet daunting experience, with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals will be with you every step of the way.

To know more about building your first double storey home with New Level, contact our team today.

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