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Benefits of natural light in your home

Because it is so essential to our lives there is nothing quite as comforting or cosy as a room that makes effective use of natural light. It gives us a warm feeling both physically and psychologically and can make any space feel more inviting and pleasant. Whether looking at building brand new double-storey homes and hoping to maximise the use of natural light or seeking inspiration when lighting rear strata home designs it helps to seek the advice of design experts like those here at Residential Building WA. The hugely experienced team have put their heads together and come up with some benefits of natural light and how to incorporate it intelligently into your home, taking advantage of a glorious natural gift that so many simply take for granted.

Check out some of our award-winning homes and see how elegantly and inspirationally they make use of natural light.

Energy saving

Increased use of daylight means decreased use of electric light and therefore less electricity used and for the budget and environmentally conscious among us that is not something to be taken lightly. Of course, natural light brings an increase in temperature with it so any heating bills are also reduced. A double-win. 

Positive effects on the human psyche

Sunlight is actually essential for our well being and our bodies respond to it in an incredibly positive way, showing that we need natural daylight to function. Countless studies have linked high amounts of direct natural light to increased levels of mental and general health. Here in Australia, we are blessed with such an abundance of sunshine that the least we can do is make the best use of it we can. 

Bad habits are scientifically proven to be reduced when sunlight is introduced to our homes and working spaces that are awash with natural light also experience increased levels of productivity. That is certainly worth bearing in mind, especially if working from home and the general positivity associated with an abundance of natural light cannot be overstated.

Inviting atmospheres

Nothing can compare to the feeling and atmosphere that is created when ambient light fills a room. Darker colours absorb more light, so if you have a lot of dark fabrics and colours in an interior space the impact of any natural light you let in will be lessened accordingly. This may form part of your design scheme and the contrast of darkness and light can be used to great effect, however, if a greater sense of lightness is your main goal then to counteract this try to have walls and ceilings of light colours. 

Colour enhancement

Daylight is particularly good at bringing the best out of colours and is far superior to artificial light in that regard. Using natural colours like browns and tans, and objects like wooden furniture and stone tiles will create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere as it highlights those subtle colourings beautifully.  

Thriving houseplants

Nothing livens up a home, lifts the mood, and provides a much-needed oxygen boost more than a wide range of healthy indoor plants. Homes with lots of natural sunlight can grow them in abundance and inherently feel more inviting and relaxing.

Rejuvenating tired spaces

Dark rooms that seldom get natural light are less comfortable to spend time in, but any space that has direct sunlight spilling onto it is immediately revitalised and it is fantastic at removing unwanted musty odours. A few minutes is all it takes to give a room that pleasant heated smell that is so reassuring yet so hard to describe, and that we perhaps take for granted.

Plan carefully

Every home is different and your approach to modifying your space to let as much light in as possible will have to change accordingly. Some spaces may lack the orientation to get any significant sunlight. In those cases, it’s important to be creative and open-minded when planning a light scheme. Do your homework and find out exactly where the sun will be at different times of the day. People who build double-storey homes from new with us will see the benefits of this kind of research for many years to come and the team here at Residential Building WA are ready to offer any advice and assistance as needed. 

Strategic use of mirrors

An easy tip to increase the overall impact of natural light in a room is to place mirrors and other highly reflective objects to reflect the maximum amount at certain times of the day. Reflected light will help to give the whole area a brighter feel and make it look more spacious at the same time, especially you experiment with the placement of mirrors until the most pleasing effect is achieved. Keep the windows clean and grime free and the extra amount of light that spills into any room can be startling.


Another option is to have skylights professionally installed. While old-fashioned skylights tend to let in unrestricted amounts of sunlight, modern ones can prevent the full force of the sun from entering the room. Instead, you have a more natural, diffused glow during the day. This tactic may be particularly useful for rear strata home designs as the front of the structure can sometimes prevent the rear from having full access to sunlight.

beautiful white bright room with sun light

A word of warning

Remember that one aspect of unfiltered sunlight is that it will fade many materials, some of them very rapidly indeed. Protect cherished items and ensure that wall art is not exposed to too much direct sunlight. 

Residential Building WA

Residential Building WA have set the standard for double-storey homes and encourage you to view our collection to see just how beautifully and naturally your home can be lit with some good advice and careful planning. 

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14 Oct 2021