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Making Your First Home a Double Storey!

In years gone by, first home buyer’s options to get their foot on the property ladder definitely came with limitations. You could settle for a fixer-upper established home – that you’ll probably never get round to really fixing up – or you could build brand new, but that would take you into Perth’s outer lying suburbs which would mean a dreaded commute to work and definitely a major change to lifestyle!

And building your first home as a double storey home? Well, that was unthinkable.

Fast forward to now and it’s a completely different story! With savvy builders like Residential Building WA innovating in both the designs and building processes, we are seeing more than ever that Perth first home buyers are choosing to build their very own double storey homes in central areas rather than buying established. And the reasons for that are clear.

Building is now more affordable

Technology advancements and the introduction of new innovative techniques over the last decade has provided new methodologies to building double storey homes. And it’s these new solutions that mean you can build a double storey home for significantly less now, than traditional construction would have allowed for. It also means that there are now more opportunities for home builders to provide affordable double storey home designs, that are high quality.

New Level Homes Award Winning Telethon Home

Hybrid Construction

Hybrid construction means that you use a double brick on your lower floor and an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) lightweight upper floor construction.

A major benefit of this means that your home can be built faster without any compromise on quality or style. And first home buyers will save in the long run as you’ll actually spend far less on rent when building with Residential Building WA. With a typical home from us being built faster than traditional methods, you can be packed and moved in, rather than paying excess rent waiting for completion.


Another option offered by Residential Building WA , which is an incredibly popular building style in the Eastern States, is lightweight construction top and bottom.

This option provides Perth’s first home buyers with the option to build a two-story home with the fastest build time. Time is saved by using pre-fabricated, engineer-certified timber frames, which are erected by skilled tradespeople on-site ensuring construction is both efficient and high quality.

Future Investment

And of course one of the biggest considerations you should make as a first home buyer is whether it will be a good investment for your future. Buying your first piece of land and building your first home is the biggest investment of your lifetime, so it is important to determine if you will be breaking even and creating a good future investment.

While this does depend on current market factors, double storey homes generally deliver a better return on investment than single storey homes. And this is because they have more striking street appeal and they’re also much more liveable with space to separate living areas from bedrooms while getting your outdoor space too! With Residential Building WA’s wide range of designs, it really has become an affordable option for first home buyers.

The Style House New LEvel Homes Award Winning Style

Build the home where you want

Subdivided blocks have given first home buyers more affordable land options in central, populated suburbs in line with the growing demand to live close to the CBD. If your lifestyle is numero uno, choosing to live in a suburb you love and purchasing a smaller more affordable piece of land means building a double storey home is the best option for longevity.

Building up gives you the flexibility to get the most out of your land and the space you need for indoor and outdoor living. Remember, if you’re building in a suburb you want to stay in, you’re going to want room for you and your family to grow comfortably over the next few years.

Get started with Residential Building WA

So if you’re a first home buyer looking for a wide range of family-sized double storey designs, along with an affordable price tag, talk with Residential Building WA and find out how you can build your brand new home, forgetting about the hassle of moving for many years to come.

Building your first home can be a thrilling experience, with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals will be with you every step of the way. Enjoyed this article?

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12 Jan 2021