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New Home Upgrades: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

Building your brand-new double storey home is a dream come true! You get to choose a stylish elevation, a floorplan to suit your lifestyle and designer features to make it so uniquely you. But there is one thing that you need to keep firmly in mind – and that’s your budget. Keep reading to find out the top six tips on where to save and where to splurge to get the best value in your new home.

1. Splurge: Energy Efficiency

The costs associated with heating and cooling a home can be significantly cut down when you splurge on a couple of unseen items, Low-E windows and insulation.

  • Low-E windows: This type of window has been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the glass. However, this will not compromise that amount of natural light that is transmitted through the glass.
  • Insulation: Ensuring your home has been fitted with insulation can cut your cooling and heating bills up to half! The insulation will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter meaning you will need to use less artificial heating and cooling appliances.

2. Save: Flooring

New Level Homes master suite

Choosing the type of flooring in your new home can be a difficult choice and there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. The first is your lifestyle, do you have kids, pets or like to entertain? If so, you are not going to want your brand-new expensive flooring to be scratched or damaged.

A solution to this is laminate. Laminate has a easy to clean surface and is easily polished. Saving on your flooring means you have more of a budget for other expenses in your new home.

3. Save: Finishes & Fixtures

The finishing’s and fixtures within your home is such a small aspect. Yes it makes the home look clean and aesthetically pleasing, however it is an expense that can be saved on. When it comes time to choose your finishing’s and fixtures, opt for the simplest. Not only are you saving here, but you are also saving the amount of paint that will be used, or the amount of labour spent fixing it to the walls.

4. Splurge: Ceilings

Who would have thought to splurge on a ceiling? But this is why. Whether you are building a narrow home, a rear strata home or a standard Residential Building WA home, having high ceilings in your main living areas will give the effect of bigger rooms. This is particularly important in the smaller spaces. This will allow the power of light to bounce off the furnishings and the walls creating a room filled with natural art.

Do not stop there though, adding a rustic wooden beam or sky lights into this area will make the wow factor even bigger. Your main living area will be the centre of attention in your new Residential Building WA home. 

5. Save: Painting

The Style House Dining New Level Homes Award Winning Style

Painting a whole house can be costly especially when you choose to have so many different colour pallets in your new home. Our biggest tip when it comes to paining your new home is to stick with one colour. A colour that will last throughout the trend changes.

Many do opt to have a feature wall in the bedrooms and in the living areas. Another tip is to choose the one feature colour and use that in all the different rooms. Not only will this create a seamless flow of colour throughout the home, but it will also save you money!

6. Splurge: Home Security

It is so important to have all of your personal items protected and secure at all times. An electric home security alarm system is easy to install and accessible right from your mobile phone. Many electric alarm systems include a master control panel, a key pad for arming and disarming, a selection of sensors at the doors and windows, motion detectors throughout the home and a security camera at all entry’s around the house. You can never be too safe.

Now that you have your list or where to save and where to splurge, contact Residential Building WA,  Perth’s best value 2 Storey Home Builder. We pride ourselves on delivering a new level of style with our collection of affordable high-quality two storey homes to Perth families. Homes that are backed by years of experience and which create environments that bring together families, friends, and shared experiences. The next step starts with you.

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02 Mar 2021