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Prefab Modular and Pod Homes vs Two Storey Homes

Tiny living is booming in the housing space so we breakdown the advantages and limitations of opting for a prebuilt miniature house over a double storey home.

Prefab Modular and Pod Homes

First of all, what exactly is a prefab home, pod home and modular home? How are they all connected? The simplest way to explain it is it that prefab homes, or prefabricated homes, are not built on site like normal houses, they are built in advance in a factory and delivered to the building site. There are several types of prefab houses, such as pod and modular homes.

Pod homes are compact, unique, housing units that make the most of the available space.
Pods are often used as granny flats, small houses, studios, luxury treehouses, cottages and cabins.

Modular homes consist of pre-made sections called modules. These modules can be placed side-to-side, end-to-end (for a long home), or ontop of eachother. Modular homes are generally larger and more versatile than pod homes.

The Benefits:

Sections of a prefabricated houses are made in advance so they can be easily assembled once they arrive to the building site. The benefit of this is that it often saves the home builder time, money and is less damaging to the land.

1. Know What You Are Getting

One potential advantage for constructing a house this way is the sense of certainty and security it offers the homeowner. With a lower quality home builders you could face several unexpected costs, be left in the dark when decisions are made, and have shonky work done.

2. Save Time

Building a traditional home can be stressful and time consuming, particularly if you have an unexperienced home builder. By the time workers prepare the building site, put down the footers, lay down the foundation, put up the framing, work on the structure, install all the important lines, units and systems, do the flooring and paint everything, you could be looking at a six month long wait. On the other hand, many prefab houses can be assembled in a matter of days.

3. Less Disturbances

The best way to get off to a bad start with your neighbours is by having constructions works stomping around next door to them. Make a good first impression with prefab homes that can be assembled with little noise and mess.

4. Eco-Friendly

The reason prefab pod and modular homes are so good for the environment is because they don’t do as much damage to the building site land and they are often made from environmentally friendly materials. Prefab homes also offer home buyers the choice to include features to make use of solar panels and save water. Also referred to as ‘green building’, prefab homes are the perfect choice for people looking who are conscious of sustainability.

5. Save Money

As prefab homes are so compact you will be able to save money by purchasing a smaller or narrower lot of land. Buying a modular or pod home also comes with a smaller price tag as there are less materials and labour involved in their construction. They are also cheaper in the long run as they cost less to maintain so there’s no need for a pool cleaner, house cleaner or gardener.

Two Storey Homes

As great as prefab homes are, there are several restrictions to building them. There are some lots of land where you are only allowed to build with brick and assembling a modular home in a built up area can prove difficult and costly.

If you want extra features, space, durability and a sense of luxury then it would be wise to choose to build a double storey house. You would be surprised how reasonably priced they can be with the right home builder. At Residential Building WA, you can have all the benefits of a modular home in an affordable, stylish two storey home.

1. Choice of Features

Two storey homes come in a wide array of designs and are customisable so you can include all the features that suit your lifestyle. On the other hand prefab home buyers face a lack of customisation.

2. Long-Standing Structure

Double storey homes are incredibly durable. This is because they are carefully inspected and tested to ensure they have a high quality of workmanship and can withstand strong winds.

3. Value

Whilst prefab homes may appear cheaper initially, when you factor in the cost of buying the materials, renting the factory space and transporting the house, it all starts to add up. Moreover there are some really competitive deals on the market, Residential Building WA offer great value without sacrificing quality.

4. Materials and Utilities

Residential Building WA homes are only built with the finest, innovative materials to ensure your comfort. Whilst modular and pod homes are usually built with good quality materials it can be far more difficult to organise for them to have water, electricity and a sewer than a conventional home built on site.

5. Loans

Those opting for a modular or pod home will have to pay for everything themselves until the house arrives as it is typical for banks to refuse to lend money on prefab homes until they are fixed to the building site.

6. Public Perception

Double storey houses are held in high regard, particularly when they are made by Residential Building WA. Whilst some prefab homes may be high quality, they are often not seen that way by others. If you are looking to impress, you should know that very few of your friends, family and neighbours will see prefab homes as equal to a beautiful two storey home. This will also be important if you are ever looking to sell your house.

In conclusion:
Prefab homes can be reliable, quick environmentally-friendly and are sometimes more cost effective than conventional houses. However there are some clear drawbacks as outlined above which is why we still see a solid preference in the marketplace for a quality, well built two storey home. New Level Homes can cater to every taste, allowing for more flexibility in design and features than a prefab home offers.

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27 Oct 2016