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Seven Savvy Storage Solutions for your New Home

When you decide to build your very own brand new double storey home, it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of excitement. What’s the elevation going to look like? How will the alfresco connect with the indoor entertaining space? And hey, what about a deluxe master suite and ensuite?! But one of the major factors for harmonious living can often be overlooked in the initial stages – and that’s your storage! Ample storage within your home is so important for now, but also for long into the future as this can negatively impact on your outlook if surrounded by excess clutter. So, here are some savvy storage solutions that you can include in your brand new double storey home from the get go!

1. Kitchen
As the heart of the home, you will spend lots of time with family and friends gathered around your kitchen island, and you’ll want to make a stylish impression – without the clutter! No doubt you’ll have multiple appliances and utensils so ample storage is of the upmost importance. Upper and lower cabinets, along with plenty of pantry space is an absolute mandatory, but cabinets are not longer the only storage option available to you with drawers quickly gaining in popularity due to their functionality. Innovation in kitchen storage has come a long way and no longer is there any space to be wasted in your kitchen. Have a narrow space to fill? A slim-line slide out cupboard is the perfect addition and will keep your cooking oils and spices easily organised.

2. Home Theatre
Have you thought about wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling built-ins? You could choose a discrete option with push to open doors which could blend into the background, or you could opt to make a ‘feature wall’ of cabinets in line with the overall style of your home. Either way, the built-ins will offer a convenient place for major additional storage for boardgames, books and other odds and ends.

3. Linen
Including a walk-in-linen in your brand new double storey home can be so beneficial to the overall organisation of your home. A place to store all of the bulky extra sheets, blankets, pillows, duvets and table clothes as well as bathroom and beach towels and other awkward shaped items such as wrapping paper, gift boxes and bags.  If your family is into outdoor activities, your walk-in-linen is a great place to keep your sleeping bags and other camping gear too. If you like an open look, stick with shelving and add storage baskets where necessary, but if you prefer a cleaner look you could include drawers and/or doors to conceal each section.

4. Laundry
Don’t push the importance of a functional laundry with tons of storage! There are a lot of mandatories for this room so think about it carefully. You’ll want easy access to outside to hang your washing, a trough for soaking and your washing machine plus dryer. Then there is benchspace to consider, and where to keep all of your cleaning supplies. If you plan carefully, you could include a full length cupboard for tall items like your ironing board and clothes airers, and if you include an electricity point, this will be a great home for your stick vacuum too. A combination of upper and lower cabinets will allow for plenty of storage while you keep dangerous chemicals away from the little ones.

5. Family Bathroom
If you have, or are planning to have more than one child, you’ll need to plan the storage in the family bathroom carefully to keep mess and conflict to a minimum. Think about what sort of vanity will best suit your needs. A freestanding one may appear to offer more storage than a floating one, however in reality it might not be as functional so ensure you check out your options in person to be sure. Choose mirrored cabinets instead of just a standard mirror for extra face-level storage. This is a great place to hide away mess that can clutter up your sink such as toothbrushes.

6. Master Walk-In-Robe
Properly fitting out your walk-in-robe is a necessity! Include a shelf at the top where you can keep large baggage as well as decorative boxes or baskets to conceal seasonal items such as hats. Ensure you have hanging space for both long and short items and drawers can be handy for folded items too. And don’t forget about yours shoes! If you have more than a few pairs they can easily become messy so think about adding in a slimline shoe cupboard or hanging rack behind the door.

7. Under The Stairs
And since you’re already building a double storey home, why not utilise the area under your stairs? This is a great space to fit out with hooks for you to hang coats and bags, and if you add some shelving you can carefully pack away sporadically used seasonal items such as outdoor cushions or the Christmas decorations. And if your children are small, it’s also a great storage space for your pram!

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02 Feb 2021