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Two Storey Homes: A Stronger Investment?

Deciding to build a new home is an exciting time, and one of the first big choices that needs to be made is whether to go for a one or two storey design. The potential investment return and rental yields are significant considerations to factor in, with two storey homes offering distinct benefits and appealing to different types of people.

Here we have put together some information on why double storey houses may be considered a stronger investment.


Where you would like to live or invest will have a big impact on the style of house that you build. Outer suburbs and regional areas tend to have larger blocks more suited to single storey properties. However if you want to be closer to the city and everything it has to offer, the typically smaller block sizes favour a two storey home, as it still leaves some room for a garden or outdoor area.

For example, a single story 3 x 2 home will take up much more of a block than a double storey 3 x 2. This means that the property has expanded appeal, to include people with children or pets, and those who enjoy having an outdoor living space. Two storey homes are also much more suited to narrow lots, which are becoming more common in Perth.

Rental properties close to central business districts and retail centres tend to be popular as people like to be close to work, and areas with amenities such as gyms, shops, restaurants and bars. It may be better to purchase a smaller block in a more expensive area that is highly desirable, and therefore easier to rent out or sell down the track. Research different neighbourhoods thoroughly before making the final decision on where you would like to build.

Floorplan options

Two storey floorplan designs can take advantage of the extra options that the split levels give you. While the floorplans of single storey homes are comparably limited, there are a whole range of different configurations that become available when deciding to go with a double storey home.

For example, it’s possible to work the design so that you effectively have two semi-contained floors, which is great for extended families. People are also increasingly choosing to have their living areas upstairs, in order to take advantage of the aspect and light. Great views over the city, or peeks of the ocean, can increase the value of your home enough that it may well be worth going up that second level.

Separate off an area downstairs that can serve as a home office undisturbed, while the other residents relax upstairs. Young people are also choosing to stay at home with their parents for longer, so being able to create a layout that gives everyone their own space is a big draw card.

While at the end of the day while it’s a personal preference, two storey homes do tend to be seen as more prestigious which in turn makes them desirable – something that is very important when thinking about selling or renting out your home.

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01 Jul 2016