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Want a Home That’s Built to Last? Choose Residential Building WA for Your Next 2 Storey Home Build

There is a homeownership trend that’s taking the Perth property market to the next level: 2 storey homes. As WA block sizes continue to get smaller and smaller, homeowners are opting to build upwards and are opening the doors to double storey homes.

Traditional single storey bungalow-style houses are out and sleek two storey designs are here to stay. Here’s how homebuilders like Residential Building WA have embraced this exciting change and are redefining 2 storey living.

Choosing the Correct Materials

House plans in Australia have traditionally come with heating and cooling systems that consume huge amounts of electricity. This is particularly true of Perth homes where it’s important to withstand the extremely hot West Australian summer months. And ensuring adequate climate control for double storey homes has proven even more difficult because naturally hot air rises.

Luckily, there’s a cutting-edge design solution to help minimise costs and maximise comfort. Using lightweight upper floor construction methodology, homebuilders in Australia have been able to successfully heatproof and soundproof our homes and erase all doubt about the quality finish of double storey construction.

When it comes to building your 2 storey home, it all starts with laying the right foundation. At Residential Building WA, we are constantly refining our construction methods and our use of innovative techniques and materials from around the world sets us and our 2 storey home designs apart.

Our upper-storey exterior construction features a lightweight insulation panel which is strong, durable and has excellent thermal and sound reducing qualities. Already proving successful over east, Residential Building WA is excited to bring this building innovation to WA’s shores.

The Residential Building WA Solution

Residential Building WA has raised the bar for 2 storey home builders in Perth. Our homes are built using a double brick lower floor and a framed, or lightweight, upper floor. This is achieved by combining a double brick lower floor construction with an innovative Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) lightweight upper floor construction method.

EPS is a lightweight plastic foam material that is durable and flexible making it easy to install and shape, meaning homes constructed using EPS have the same look and finish as homes using traditional construction methods. The EPS system saves you time and money without compromise during the building process, which includes:

  • Double brick construction with concrete slab on the ground floor
  • Timber truss suspended floor system to the upper floor with 100mm thick Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) to deliver superior thermal and sound qualities
  • Timber framed upper floor walls
  • Timber truss roof system
  • Insulated cladding to walls and energy efficient insulation to roof space
  • Acrylic render to first floor and part of ground floor
  • Lightweight roof cover

Time & Cost Savings Guaranteed

This lightweight construction used by Residential Building WA saves both time and money, meaning your dream home can be built faster and costing considerably less than a traditional double brick home. So while the notion of spending less by not using double brick may feel like a compromise on quality, rest assured this is not the case.

Another misconception of lightweight upper floor construction is that your home will be noisier than a double brick and your heating will be compromised. This is not the case and in fact, it can be argued that the energy efficiency and environmental properties of a lightweight construction are actually improved.

Pick Residential Building WA

Residential Building WA are not your average 2 storey builders. We have the understanding, commitment and innovation to design and build homes that Perth families are proud to call their own. Delivering hundreds of homes to happy customers using lightweight construction methods, the Residential Building WA design team have stepped up the challenge of the current property market in WA.

Our exciting range of over 60 2 storey home designs are suited to blocks in most of Perth’s suburbs with frontages from 12m to 17m. Our 2 storey designs offer a variety of living accommodation that you will find perfect for your and your family.

So what are you waiting for? Put your trust in Perth’s best value 2 storey builder and make moving into your dream home a reality today by getting in touch with Residential Building WA.

18 Dec 2017