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How to Choose the Right Double Storey Builder

Watching your dream home take shape around you is one of life’s major milestones. You’ve saved enough money to get yourself into a double storey home. You have selected a home builder, chosen your fixtures and finishes and crafted the home you always imagined for yourself.

The idea of this endpoint if what keeps many home buyers on track to building their 2 storey homes, especially if they haven’t even started yet!

If you are at the beginning stages of the home building process, fortunately there are a number of tried and tested methods that you can use to help you choose the right double storey home builder for your needs. Better yet, we have put them together right here for you!

1. Figure out what your needs are

There are some double storey home builders out there who design a broad range of homes, in different price ranges, designs and styles. Some may specialise in double storey homes for first time home buyers while others will build luxury 2 storey homes. While many builders have expertise in a variety of designs, look for a home builder whose work includes examples of the type of double storey home you are looking for.

2. Try to resist the dazzle

While it can be difficult, try and resist the dazzle effect that some home builders may have on your decision making process. The cheapest estimate for a double storey home can understandably be tempting, but don’t forget to take into account the comparison figures you saw online that may suggest the dazzle effect is out in full force. At the same time, not all double storey homes are created equal, more often than not, your decision will be a balance between the quality of the home and your budget.

3. Take note of builder promotions

Here we like to advise that if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is. In saying that, it is not uncommon for double story home builders to offer exclusive promotions to home buyers as a way of promoting a new range of homes or newly released house and land package. Keep an eye out for any promotions that go over and above a home builders inclusions and be sure to ask questions if you see anything that promotes features which are typically included in a standard home build, which could just be some nicely spun marketing messaging at play.

4. Don’t bypass the display homes

Once you have refined down your list of double storey home builders, taking the weekend to visit display homes really can’t be overlooked. There is no substitute for viewing a home built by a builder on your short list.

While visiting your displays of choice, look for signs of quality in construction from cabinetry to the trim work and how well the home has been painted. While some double storey displays won’t come with all of the features that you see, these are all signs of the quality of the tradesmen and contractors that they home builder works with.

5. See Google

Within virtually a split second, Google will tell you whether a particular double storey home builder has a solid track record when it comes to previous customers. Begin your search by looking for reviews or testimonials for the builder in question. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find reviews on their website thanks to the advances in third party review sites, which really magnify the credibility of what you will potentially find out.

However, if you can’t turn up information that you are happy with, reach out to the home builder and ask if they can provide you with customer referrals. Sure some home builders won’t have that feature built into their policy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask right?

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14 Dec 2016