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Contemporary Style Homes

Welcome to the decade of free-flowing home designs, where we can have bold colours and furniture pieces but yet incorporate the minimalistic feel. This type of design is called ‘Contemporary’. The Contemporary design does not actually belong to a movement but instead ‘is of the moment’. The forever changing and up-to-date design is up to the individual for their own interpretation. Would you like to know how to incorporate some of the more contemporary features into your home? Read on.

Although having a contemporary house means having a design style that ‘is of the moment’, Residential Building WA uses the following inspiration when it comes to designing and styling a new home.

Stunning kitchen with overlooking void

The Use of Colour

Do not be afraid to add a pop of colour on your walls. Choose a colour that will compliment your personality as well as your style. Emerald green, royal blue or even a deep burnt orange are some of the colours to go for. Or if you are feeling out there, incorporate wall paper as a feature. Wall paper will have many colours and will create a deeper contrast within the room.


Choosing the colour of your floors and type of flooring will alter the mood of your home. Dark wooden floors are seen as being classier and higher end, the oak colour floor boards are easy to maintain, and every piece of furniture will match. Having tiles as your flooring again can change the mood within your mode. Big square tiles make the home feel luxurious and spacious, while the smaller tiles allow you to be more creative with the placement of the tiles itself e.g herringbone.

Lighting considerations

It is all about opening up your home to light, natural light. Big floor to ceiling windows and skylights can change the whole perspective of your home. Choosing the correct placement for them is vital. Placing a skylight in the kitchen as well as in the bathrooms will transform these smaller areas. It will also bring in a sense of warmth in the rooms. Further, it will make all rooms feel larger and more welcoming.


It is time to hang that funky piece of art work on the wall. Allow the art work to make a statement. Do not over crowd your walls though, you almost want it to feel as if it is a part of an art gallery. This piece of art work will tie together your whole home. It will incorporate the colours of your furniture, the colour of your painted wall as well as the colours of your styling pieces.

Contemporary-styled furniture

Bold furniture, mix-match furniture, leather or velvet materials. This is the type of furniture pieces you want to incorporate within your home. Your furniture will become a piece of art on their own. Pair a brown leather couch with a grey material couch with a single seated velvet chair. Don’t be afraid of changing it up and trying new things. Just as long as the two big couches are similar in design, the different materials used will just flow.

Everyone can have their own interpretation of a contemporary designed home. As time changes so will style. Residential Building WA will be there with you to ensure your home is designed to how you wish.

Do you have a contemporary styled home?

13 Apr 2021