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How To View A Display Home like a Pro

Display homes are a great way to see if you can visualise yourself living in a particular house. To get the most out of each visit; figure out what your home will need, who you trust to build it and really take notice of any design elements that don’t work for you.

1. Cut down the amount of houses you see

Have you got kids? A dog? Do you need a large office or is a big kitchen more important to you? Will you need a lot of room for entertaining or would you prefer a little garden you can potter around in? Save time and effort by considering what features you are going to prioritise so you can skip visiting houses that do not fulfil your requirements.

2. Prepare a shortlist of builders

Use the internet to do some research on the home builders in your city. Choose a home builder with a strong reputation that specialises in the houses you are interested in such as a two storey home builder if you are after a double storey design. That way, you won’t get tired and frustrated wandering around to display homes that don’t match your lifestyle.

3. Look at the functionality of the home

Once you start visiting display homes, take a close look at how functional each space is. Are the kitchen benches too high for you? Is there hardly any natural light in the house? Perhaps you’re hitting your head on the door frames. Make sure to keep an eye out for serious design flaws that could end up costing you a lot of money.

4. Record your observations

Write down what you like and don’t like in each display home you go to. Learn from each house, even if you have turned up to a display home and ended up hating it, at least now you know what doesn’t work for you. Taking notes is a good way to keep track of the display homes you visit and ensures you aren’t just passively strolling through the display home without paying attention to things.

5. Don’t make it a chore

If you walk into a display home with a bad attitude chances are you aren’t going to see the house in a favourable light. Allow yourself plenty of time to see a display home so you don’t feel rushed.

It also pays to limit the amount of displays home you see in one day so you don’t wear yourself out. Make sure to eat beforehand too, otherwise you will race through the house so that you can get Maccas on the way home.

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03 Oct 2016