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How You Can Build An Affordable 2 Storey Home In Perth

Block size limitations have encouraged more West Australians to think up in order to maximise space and add value to their build. Perhaps as a result of this, double storey building methods have come a long way in recent years.

At Residential Building WA, we focus on building quality, highly affordable 2 storey homes in WA to provide you with the best option for your family now that will grow with you over the years.

Why is a 2 storey home good value for money?

Working out whether a 2 storey build is right for you will ultimately depend on where you’re at, and what financial objectives you are seeking to achieve. For example, if you are looking for your first home, a terrace style double storey might be a good option, especially considering the WA first home owner grant and other concessions.

However, if you’re already established on the property market and looking to take the next step, then a larger double storey with room for your growing family could be a more appropriate choice to suit your situation.

Once you are clear on this, you can get a better idea of how a double storey home will add value to your back pocket and your lifestyle.

Think about the following points and how they apply to your situation:

Do you already have a family, or are you planning on having children at some point in the near future? Many couples are building their family home now to secure their ideal living situation, rather than risk missing out later. Double storey homes allow for a larger overall footprint so you can have multiple separate living spaces, including outdoor space, which goes a long way towards fostering harmonious family living. No matter how big your brood! And this is especially true as your children grow up, a teenagers retreat will allow for increased independence.

Do you love to entertain? If you love to socialise at home, then a double storey is an excellent choice as it allows plenty of space downstairs to entertain guests from the open plan kitchen, living and dining area out to your alfresco, when cleverly designed you have an expansive area dedicated to fun. By placing the minor bedrooms upstairs it also means the party can keep going even after the children’s bedtimes.

Are you after a little adult luxury? A double storey home will allow you to include a greater master suite with privacy. This means you could enjoy a larger sleeping space, bigger walk-in closet, and luxe ensuite – you could even add on a sitting area and a balcony!

Are you looking to maximise your investment? Double storey homes have a greater ‘street presence’ than their single counterparts. According to Brent Fletcher from realestate.com.au ‘presence is prime’ and kerb appeal is a major asset, especially when it comes to selling up. You are also able to maximise any views and capture natural light.

Block versus build A 2 storey home doesn’t necessarily require a large block of land. Why? Because you’re creating space by building up, whereas a single storey home would require a larger block. This also means you can spend less on land and use the additional funds to build your double storey home, and you can remain in the suburb you want to live rather than having to move to outer suburbs. At Residential Building WA, our double storey homes are affordable with a large range to choose from.

Calculating value for money

When choosing whether to go single or double, it’s worth looking at the value proposition behind your choice. A typical equation for determining value is:

Benefits – Costs = Value
Consider whether the benefits listed above apply to your life circumstances. If you’d like to learn more about the costs involved with building a 2-storey home in WA, contact us and let’s get the discussions started on building a new do

06 Oct 2020