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Its your Home, you decide

Introducing a unique and new way of building with New Level Homes. New Level Homes has partnered with InVogue homes to give you the opportunity to choose the way you want to build. Have you thought about building your first home, to downsize or to build your forever home? Then this is for you.

We have carefully designed and selected eleven designs for you including thee of our new Hampton inspired homes. The Your Choice range has the option of being built in a variety of construction methods.

Bellport New LEvel Homes Award Winning

Lite Build

  • Lightweight construction upstairs and down
  • Fastest build time
  • Energy efficient

Hybrid Build

  • Double brick on group floor, lightweight upstairs
  • Faster build time
  • Energy efficient
  • Modern construction upstairs

Traditional Build

  • Double brick construction upstairs and down
  • Excellent insulation
  • Cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter

The Your Choice range puts you into control. It’s the same great design, built in three different techniques. It is up to you to decide the timeline and price to suit the home. The possibilities are endless when you build with New Level Homes. Are you ready to read about our three favourite home designs apart of the Your Choice range?

The Northaven

Through the inspiration of the Hampton style homes, the Northaven has incorporated the mixed materials to result in a stunning elevation. You will walk through the elegant entry way to be greeted with space. The space of open plan living, a generous master suite, a home theatre and an upstairs sitting room. This four-bedroom Hamptons style home has used zoning to its advantage. This has resulted in providing the kids with the upstairs to themselves as a retreat area, allowing the downstairs to be used at the entertaining quarters and the parent’s area.

The Hermes

The Hermes home has used inspiration for the cubist style. This home takes it to the next level with an incredible feature render and a wide balcony overlooking the street. This home is like no other, this ‘upside down’ home is perfect for the Perth blocks designed to enjoy the view. You will take advantage of the upstairs open plan living. You will find the kitchen, dining and living upstairs as well as the master suite. You will be enjoying the dinners on the balcony watching the sun set. As you walk down the stairs, you will find the cleverly zoned kids’ area, inclusive of a game’s rooms and three other bedrooms. Your new home will be the entertainer’s dream.

The Bellport

You will enter into The Bellport in a grand fashion by walking into the spacious entry way. This cleverly zoned home has allowed the entertaining to be found of the ground floor, flowing through from the kitchen, dining, family room and out in the alfresco area. You will find the master suite at the front of the home creating division between the entertaining areas and the kids zone found upstairs. Not only will you find the remaining three bedrooms upstairs, but you will also locate the activity room, the private study area and the balcony. Great for a growing family.

There is no time like the present to start designing your new New Level Home with the Your Choice range. YOU have control over the building materials, YOU have the choice of design and YOU have the choice over the build time and price. Your new home all comes down to YOU.

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16 Mar 2021