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Luxe For Less – How To Get Your Dream Bathroom

Building a bathroom to a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on the feel and functionality that you really want to achieve. If you take some time in the early planning stages of your build to choose the right materials and the right builder, you can maintain balance in your budget.

6 Top tips for making your dream bathroom a reality

Research your builder

Before you even consider signing up with a builder, be sure to check out bathrooms they have previously designed and built. You can do this by heading to their display homes to walk through their functioning spaces or arrange a visit to their showroom and connecting with them on social channels like Facebook.

Do the displays or showroom products match the look and feel you want to achieve? If not, does the builder have history of custom design to create a bathroom that aligns more with what you want?

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2019 Telethon Home


Tiling is charged per square meter, so by simply reducing the number of tiles you have in your bathroom you can lower the overall cost of any bathroom build. However, if this is not going to work with your style and floor to ceiling is your dream bathroom, there are other options you can consider to stay on track.

Ceramic tiles are one of the most cost-effective options and come in a wide variety of colours. Size of tiles is another consideration as larger tile will take less time to install, therefore cutting back on labour costs. Choosing to lay the tiles in a simple pattern is also a cost-cutting factor as intricate patterns will increase hours spent in your bathroom.

If you’re looking for a little ‘wow’ to your bathroom, you could consider a feature tile ‘strip’ rather than an entire feature wall. Pinterest has some great examples of stylishly tiled bathrooms.

Double Basins
Double basins to your vanity can add a luxurious feel in a brand-new bathroom. But with this luxury comes an increase the overall cost requiring more installation time and double the plumbing. Opting to go with a single basin will increase your benchtop space – plus you’ll only have to keep one basin clean!

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The Beach House

Go Green

Low-flow WC, showerheads and tapware will significantly reduce your water usage and in turn, your water bill. Although you won’t see the savings straight away, it is good to think to the future and know you are doing your bit for the environment, while saving on bills too.

Optimise Space

Using the space in your bathroom effectively will make a big difference to how it looks and feels. By choosing a floating vanity, the floors will appear to go on forever and the room will feel larger. Instead of a regular clothes hamper awkwardly taking up space, you could choose a basket underneath the vanity which is both easily accessible and cute.

Also consider installing fixtures that don’t extend far from the wall, as these will help to make your bathroom feel bigger. And don’t forget a statement mirror, preferably one with extra concealed storage.

The extra space is likely to make your bathroom feel more luxurious, and at very little extra cost too.

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Fun Light Fixtures

There are some amazing light fixtures available at Bunnings, Ikea, Freedom and other homeware stores around Western Australia. A feature light will make your bathroom feel decadent, and if you shop the sales, they don’t have to cost much either.

Choose a light that won’t easily tarnish or require a ton of maintenance, and suits the overall style of your bathroom.

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23 Mar 2020