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Single Storey vs Double Storey: Which is Right For You?

The decision has been made, you are ready to build your new home. You have picked the neighbourhood, the builder and even the perfect street, so now it’s time to decide whether to build a single storey home or a two storey home.

As with each decision that needs to be made when it comes to building a new home, choosing between a single storey or double storey home will be based on your individual needs and circumstances. If you are having trouble trying to narrow down which option is best for you, we have put together some of the most important things to think about when deciding between the two options.


We all know how expensive land has become in recent years in Perth, even to the point where many young home buyers have been pushed out of the market entirely. One way that home builders have tried to accommodate for this trend is to offer buyers house and land packages on smaller, more narrow blocks of land. To maximise the space on Perth’s smaller blocks, two storey homes have seen a spike in popularity.

The demand for double story homes in Perth has also seen an increase due to the types of areas that land is being released in, particularly in areas along the coast. To take advantage of the views, home buyers are opting for flipped, two storey home designs where the kitchen and main living areas are on the second story. Building a single storey home misses the opportunity to capitalise on any potential views.


There is a lot of flexibility in design when building a single story home it is true. Single storey homes allow for grand living spaces that have modern features such as vaulted ceilings, large windows and skylights, which add a sense of space that many home buyers are looking for.

However, with single storey homes bedrooms and living spaces tend to be clustered together, not allowing much privacy for the different people living in the home. Double storey homes account for this and often master bedrooms can be separated by a floor from kids bedrooms and there can be living spaces dedicated to each floor.


Single storey homes tend to be slightly safer and accessible for all ages, primarily as a result of not having a set of stairs. While this might not be a vital factor now, it is something worth considering if future circumstances change.

Life Stage

You might be a first home buyer, looking for a starter home that will comfortably accommodate you and your partner, but have you thought about how long the home you are interested in will serve your needs?

It is important to choose a home that will grow with you and your life stages, with the majority of people spending multiple years in the same home. Down the line, upgrading a single storey home with additional bedrooms or that outdoor living space you have always dreamt of is easier than if you were in a two storey home. But for that 15-30% extra, you won’t have to spent money on costly renovations in the future if you choose a double storey design now.

27 Jun 2016