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The Origins And Opportunities Of Rear Strata Lot Designs

Perth’s mining boom has seen quite astounding population growth over the past decade. Far from the backwater town it was known as to outsiders, Perth has evolved into an amazing city to live in with world-class beaches, natural wonders, amazing traditional and non-traditional eateries, thriving nightlife and hey if Perth can’t brag about the weather, no one can!

With population growth comes a new dilemma, where will all these new people live? Housing is absolutely essential! And Perth’s answer to support the steady stream of settlers is simple. Welcome to the rise of higher density living. Battleaxe block, house behind a house, rear strata lot, however you know it, and whatever you call it. Particular postcodes were rezoned so savvy owners could subdivide their block, and either sell to a developer for a profit or become a ‘mum and dad investor’, building a second home on the newly created rear strata block to rent out, creating an extra income stream.

For new home builders, this creates a unique opportunity to build in sought after suburbs at a much more budget-friendly price point. There’s no need to feel uneasy in ‘sharing’ a block. Actually, this can be a great choice! Rear strata blocks offer unique opportunities like they can be much quieter as they are set back from the street front, and are often felt to offer more privacy and a sense of increased security. Plus, if you have kids think of how much driveway they’ll have to practice riding bikes, skateboard or to ride their scooters. And, if they’re a bit older, how much harder it will be for them to sneak out to see their friends!

If you thought a rear strata lot couldn’t possibly offer you the space you need to give your family what they need now, but also into the future, think again. Instead of building out, you just need to build up! A two storey home offers all of the internal living and storage space you need for a functional family lifestyle, without losing the outdoor space you love.

At Residential Building WA, our standard plans are far from standard. And we’re excited to announce we’ve just released two brand new fabulous homes to our rear strata collection! Each has been carefully designed to deliver the very best living on a rear strata block.

The Hampton’s style is very much loved in Perth, so we are delighted to introduce The Harrington! 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with the social zone on the ground floor, including all the mod cons, and upstairs is a dedicated quiet retreat for the family.

The sleek angles to The Dorian are softened with traditional cladding which will entice ultra-modern design lovers! Upstairs is all about giving the kids their own private space and downstairs is for entertaining – and the parent’s private retreat.  

The Dorian - Double Storey Home
The Dorian

We recognize that each rear strata block will come with its own unique challenges, opportunities and r code conditions, and that’s why we offer a design service, so we can tailor your flawless floorplan, to your specific lot!

We build homes that are backed by years of experience, creating environments that bring together families, friends, and shared experiences. The next step starts with you.

06 Apr 2020