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Top tips to warm your home without breaking the bank

Whilst usually short-lived in comparison to the rest of Australia, Winter does still arrive in Perth and with it brings more than a few chilly nights! If you feel the cold, winter can be a costly inconvenience, but there are a few things you can do to reduce heat loss in your two storey home design and keep the warmth where you need it. Not only will you save on your heating costs, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too.

Cover bare floors

Crawling out of bed and lowering your feet onto a cold floor may be a good way to wake up quickly, but it’s not very pleasant! If you have tiles, laminate, hybrid, or even timber floors, we recommend placing rugs in key areas around your home. Carpets and rugs act as an extra layer of insulation, keeping rooms cozier by trapping the heat.

Affordable floor rugs are available from many homeware stores, including Temple & Webster, Ikea, and Freedom.

Cover bare floors
The Vanier

Shut the curtains

Such an uncomplicated solution, simply shutting the curtains at night and opening them during the day will do wonders for your heating bill. Natural light from the sun warms your home while closing curtains at night help to trap heat when the temperature drops.

For even greater warmth, consider using thick curtains or blinds to insulate your home from Perth Blinds or Beachside Blinds & Curtains.

Winterize your bed

An effective way to stay toasty in bed over winter is an easy one. Change your sheets! Switch out your usual sheets for flannelette for superior insulation and choose feather and down, multilayered wool, or a microfibre quilt if you’re a cold sleeper. If you want to up the cosiness factor, a good old hot water bottle will do the job.

You can learn more about choosing your perfect quilt here.

Close doors

Focus on only heating the rooms you actually use, such as your main living area. Close off the rooms you don’t use regularly such as spare bedrooms and the laundry. This will contain heat where you need it, and lower your heating bill as you’re not trying to warm the entire home.

Go one step further and place doorstops under exterior doors to reduce drafts, or install door and window weather stripping to minimise draught causing gaps. These can be purchased from Bunnings and other trade stores.

Get cooking

Homemade soups and hearty casseroles are effective ways to warm up from the inside out. And no one needs an excuse to bake a delicious apple crumble during those cold winter months. But if you do, make it your heating bill. Your oven will help to warm the kitchen and your living area too, if it is close by. Just be sure you’re using it for baking, as it’s not safe to leave on and open for an extended period of time.

Some people have become sick from leaving stoves on to warm their homes, so be sure to avoid doing this. And stick to baking delicious treats!

Cosy up your loungeroom

Winter is a great time to rearrange your loungeroom and cosy up your couch. Start by pushing your couches closer together, away from doors and windows if possible. This will make sure your living space feels more intimate, also don’t forget to check the furniture isn’t blocking wall vents as blocked vents will stop heat from entering your home.

Dress your couch with chunky knit cushions and snuggly throw rugs for an added level of warmth.

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Thinking about your own home this winter?

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28 Jul 2020