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What Is The Best Choice For Flooring In Your New Home

When building your brand new home, one of the big ticket items you will need to think about carefully is what to choose for your kitchen flooring. You’ll need to consider a few factors such as your budget, your individual style, how you will be using your kitchen, and how long you intend to live in the home could also influence your decision.

Generally, the kitchen is the heart in any home and the central space for family and friends to gather around the island bench to chat about the day. As such, your kitchen will probably be a fairly high traffic area and needs to be able to cope with your family’s day to day happenings. Of course, you’ll want to choose flooring that looks fantastic and compliments the overall style of your home, but you need to choose flooring that is hardy enough to withstand the normal wear and tear test of time.

Luckily there are plenty of options available that offer both style and durability! Read on to learn more about some of the most popular choices currently in flooring.


Laminate is an affordable and attractive flooring choice in new home building. Produced using heat and pressure to combine moisture-resistant layers around a high-density core. An especially popular choice for families with children and pets as the multiple layers offer protection from scratches and stains. For these reasons, laminate is well suited for wet areas and kitchen spills will not be a major problem in a family home.

There is a wide range of stylish laminates on the market that give the effect of timber, tile or even stone. Laminates come in differing finishes and varying plank widths so you can choose a laminate to match your style.

Top tip – choosing a lighter finish can make your home appear bigger, but if you looking to achieve a ‘character’ home feel then darker flooring is ideal.


Tiles are always a top choice in new home building flooring as they offer many benefits to new homeowners, and come in many styles.

Glazed tiles are hardy enough to manage heavy foot traffic and spills, making it easy to maintain cleanliness, as well as being non-porous, which means they’re a pretty safe bet for durable flooring. An added benefit, especially in a city like Perth, is that tiles are naturally cooling.

Tiles are widely available in so many sizes, shapes, colours and textures and to suit almost any budget. And they can be laid in a variety of patterns as well. So you are bound to find the perfect style for your home, whether that be ultra-modern, traditional, farmhouse, Hamptons, or minimalist – the options are endless.

Top Tip – throughout open plan areas, choose one type of continuous flooring, running in the same direction for a consistent look.

2018 Telethon Home
2018 Telethon Home, Tiled Ensuite


Vinyl is once again trending as a popular choice in new home building. More than this, vinyl has become a favoured choice for commercial use in cafes and offices as it is anti-slip, quiet underfoot with sound absorption properties, and has the ability to withstand very heavy foot traffic.

Extremely durable and 100% moisture resistant means vinyl can be a low-maintenance, allergy-friendly, and cost-effective choice for your new home. Vinyl has come a long way and is available in a wide range of styles, distinctive patterns, and textures.

Top Tip – if vinyl is your choice for now, but you would like to upgrade in the near future, opting for ‘loose-lay’ vinyl will ensure when you’re ready to upgrade, removal is much easier!

Before making a final decision on your flooring, conduct your own research to see what is available and current in new home building. Chat with family and friends, visit display homes and local flooring showrooms for inspiration, and discuss with your builder about the style you want to achieve within your available budget.

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25 Aug 2020