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Two Storey Homes Under 300K in Perth

19 Apr 2017

Are you looking to build a two-storey home but aren’t sure how you’ll afford the price tag? Don’...

What You Need To Know About Lightweight Upper Floor Construction

09 Feb 2017

New Level Homes is changing the status quo in two storey home construction in Western Australia and dispelling the myths ...

How to Choose the Right Double Storey Builder

14 Dec 2016

Watching your dream home take shape around you is one of life’s major milestones. You’ve saved enough money ...

Prefab Modular and Pod Homes vs Two Storey Homes

27 Oct 2016

Tiny living is booming in the housing space so we breakdown the advantages and limitations of opting for a prebuilt ...

How To View A Display Home like a Pro

03 Oct 2016

Display homes are a great way to see if you can visualise yourself living in a particular house. To get ...

Two Storey Homes: A Stronger Investment?

01 Jul 2016

Deciding to build a new home is an exciting time, and one of the first big choices that needs to ...

Decision Time : Build Two Storeys Or Renovate

01 Jul 2016

There are numerous situations which could mean that your home is no longer big enough for you and your family. ...

Is Building a 2 Storey Home a Good Long Term Investment?

27 Jun 2016

In Perth first home buyers are opting to build two storey homes to take advantage of the smaller and more ...

Single Storey vs Double Storey: Which is Right For You?

27 Jun 2016

The decision has been made, you are ready to build your new home. You have picked the neighbourhood, the builder ...

4 Benefits To Building a Two Storey Home

31 May 2016

When choosing your new house design one of the first big decisions that need to be made is the choice ...

Why first homebuyers are building two-storey

11 May 2016

Traditionally, first home buyers in Western Australia purchased a small, established entry-level home before buying something bigger. This approach made ...

Narrowing the Field

11 May 2016

Narrow-lot home design has become an increasingly important, specialised section of WA’s residential building industry During my 17 years in ...


10 May 2016

New Level Homes has created quite a buzz with its debut display, The Vanier, which it believes is a game ...

Evolution Revolution

10 May 2016

WA’s building industry is combining traditional and innovative construction techniques in order to meet the demands of today’s ...